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Mr. Gray's Letter to Experts

Sebenernya surat ini udah lama dikasih. Kalo enggak salah waktu pembagian rapot kelas 9, tapi gue belom sempet baca sampe abis (karena gue gakuat waktu itu takutnya nangis-_-v) yaudah ini isinya~ 

CLASS 1X (ACCELERATION) SMP 252. 2011.(ini yang ditulis mr gray--v)

My dear student,
As this will be my last opportunity, to make contact with you, I feel obligated to tell you, jut how much I have enjoyed your company, during our time together.

Firstly: From the onset, I found you all in Class1X (Acceleration) to be... hardworking; sincere; honest; committed and dedicated to the cause.
You showed me that you were of a "Maturity," beyond your "Age Group."
You are all to be congratulated for this... "Well Done."

Secondly: You command of the "Spoken English Language," was "Excellent."
So many of you "Asked," many questions during the lessons, about "Words" or "Sayings," that you were "Unnfamiliar" with... or did not, "Understand."
By asking "Questions" you received "Answers," by doing so, you gained more "Knowledge" and "Understanding" of the "English Languange" and "Self-confidence". You became more "Fluent" when speaking in pairs or groups.
You began to be more "Aware," of yourselves has "Individuals," with a "Purpose," in life.
You also created an "Identity" for yourselves by becoming to know..."Just who, you were"

Thirdly: Most of you, (without realizing) went through a "Personality" change. Your "Attitudes," "Manners," and "Opinions" of "Yourselves" and "Others," for example, changed dramatically.
You became more "Positive" in your "Approach," and more "Confident," with the "Tasks," that lay ahead of you.
You also became very "Active" and "Responsive," and also... you began to "Express," yourselves better made other peopl "Understand" what you were saying.

Finally: You all should be very proud of your "Achievements," as you all were a credit to your "School," "Teachers," "Parents" and "Yourselves," too.

I know that whichever SMA School that you go to later, the Teachers will be very pleased with your command of the "English Language." I feel that you will make their teaching easier for them.
I wish you all the very best, for the future, and pray that you will all "Achieve" your "Ambitions" and "Dreams," during your lifetime.
To all the students who are fortunate in gaining a place at University when they finish at SMA...
Remember... if later, you are unfortunate and you do no go to University... do not "Despair" as it will NOT be the "End of the world," as there are many "Opportunities" out there, but you, have to find them. Just remain "Positive," in your thoughts and you will succeed. 

From a very Proud Teacher, (Friend)
Mr. Gray. (Graham)

J.G. Cartlidge.
(Native English Teacher).

Nah itu dia yang ditulis Mr. Gray untuk experts.
Mr. Gray, I just wanna tell you that we miss you so bad :")

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