Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

LIA project

hey bloggah~ I miss you so much hahaha 
Last ramadhan holiday, I visit my grandma house (because I just have grandma, my grandpa was died) at Kediri. Kediri is located in East Java, near from Malang. In there, you can go to many places such as Goa Selomangkleng, Irenggolo WaterfallMausoleum JoyoboyoSurowono Temple and other. 

The weather is pretty hot there It's almost as hot as, if not hotter than, Jakarta. When afternoon, I can feel the wind on my grandma terrace. If you ask 'What are the specialties of the area?' I answer : Local specialties include 'Pecel', 'Tahu' or called tofu, 'Rujak cingur', 'Sate Keong' or Snail satay, and 'Cenil'. 

People usually bring something to their  house. In there, people usually bring tofu, coffee, and cigarette. Yap, Kediri is famous for their cigarette with brand Gudang Garam. 

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