Jumat, 20 Agustus 2010

english posting huh?

I'd try to make a English post because i know if you use the google translate you can't understand anymore. sorry for that

but, if I make a mistake, I'm so sorry because I only was 12 years old for this year. sorry for that.

sorry for the mistakes in my blog, all of my blog because I have many blog hohoho :D 

sorry for all the mistakes and sorry for all the text if you thinks it's a bad text. sorry 'cause it's my feeling, I don't want you know all about my life but it's the lie story..

sorry if I never make a important posting 'cause I think if my blog is full of important posting, my blog will be a boring blog right? so, I add some jokes but.. I think my jokes it's not funny anymore so, i give the "(?)". 

so, it's all about English posting sorry for all mistakes..


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