Jumat, 14 Januari 2011


"I love him, he don't love me. I'll go out from his destiny. I don't want to mess up his life. Never want to know him, but I can't! He just put her footprint on my destiny, and my heart"

"Love is something hurts and you can't forget it!"

"I would never know you, if you are bad! And I would never love you if you can't hold me"

"Love is unmentionable feel, unpredictable destiny, and you are rely on lucky"

"Never want to give up about study but only love that makes me stuck on him!"

"If you know, love is make me want to explode!"

"You teach me how to love, how to miss, and how to be nice shoulder but you don't teach me how to say goodbye" via @Suyasyaputroot

"I don't understand love, mom. I love him as the best hello and the hardest goodbye, but why he loves me as the hardest hello and the best goodbye?" via @Suyasyaputroot

"I don't want to receive your love because I know that you can say goodbye  every time you want"

"It's happy when you say 'love you' and it's hurts when you say 'Goodbye'"

"It's hurts if you say 'I'm in love with her'"

"I don't want to tell you that I love you"

"I want to die went you say 'Thanks for love me but I already have her'"

"Boys just can make girls fall in love with him but can't hold her"

"You don't teach me one lesson = how to smile when you say goodbye"

"Love is like cactus. It's nice when you see it but when you touch it, it's make you bleeding"

"I want to you know although you'll go away or not, I'm still wish you here" via @suyasyaputroot

"The scariest nightmare in my life is when you smile with her but in other side you make me cry" via @suyasyaputroot

"Loving you makes me exhausted"

"Trying to forget you is hurts and difficult"

"When you say 'I want you to be like a girl in my dream' I knew some fact
1. I'm not a girl in your dream anymore
2. It means, you let me to go away and don't disturb again
3. Your feeling will ends
But, I'm gonna told you some fact
1. You always want more than me, but I can't...
2. Maybe I'll go, but not this feeling
3. You left hurts when your gone, and not like your feeling, this hurt will never end" via @Suyasyaputroot

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